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Post and Rope Barriers

Special Post Finishes Available

We offer three post finial designs; the Ball, Crown and Flat Top, available in in a variety of post finishes, including polished silver, satin stainless steel and Brass.  Add our extensive selection of ropes and you're sure to find a barrier solution that blends in perfectly with your environment. For a more natural look to your post and rope barrier, why not consider our new rustic post range in hardwood and softwood suitable for both inside and outside use.

RopeMaster Post

The RopeMaster range of rope barrier posts is an affordable classic offering the sophistication of traditional rope barriers at affordable prices. Available with three post tops finials there is  a RopeMaster post for every occasion. RopeMaster is the only stanchion in this price range that features a forged rope loop making it indistinguishable from high price stanchions.

Elegance Post

The Elegance post is a premium product line manufactured from heavy gauge steel with solid cast iron bases that provides excellent durability. Supplied in three models; Ball, Crown and Flat top, each available in 3 post finishes including brushed and polished stainless steel and brass.

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Rustic Post & Rope Barrier with Optional Engraved Logo/Text
£126.82  -  £185.59
Delivery 10 - 15 Working Days
RopeMaster Crown Top Rope Barrier Post in Stainless Steel or Brass
£43.12  -  £48.51
In Stock
RopeMaster Budget Flat Top Rope Barrier Post in Stainless Steel or Brass
£43.12  -  £48.51
In Stock
RopeMaster Ball Top Rope Barrier Post in Stainless Steel or Brass
£43.12  -  £48.51
In Stock
Elegance Deluxe Crown Top Rope Barrier Post in Stainless Steel or Brass
£59.95  -  £65.99
In Stock
Elegance Deluxe Flat Top Rope Barrier Post in Stainless Steel or Brass
£59.95  -  £65.99
In Stock
Elegance Deluxe Ball Top Rope Barrier Post in Stainless Steel or Brass
£59.95  -  £65.99
In Stock
Elegance Fixed & Removable Rope Barrier Post
£62.37  -  £106.26
Delivery 3 - 5 Working Days
25mm Economy Velour Barrier Rope with Foam Core
£14.63  -  £21.94
In Stock
38mm Premium Velour Barrier Rope with Cotton Core
£20.02  -  £28.10
In Stock
24mm/30mm 3 Strand Twisted Rope
£17.99  -  £29.33
In Stock
25mm Braided Rayon Barrier Rope
£19.25  -  £26.56
In Stock
Rope Barrier Wall Plate
£9.24  -  £13.09
In Stock
Curved Rope Barrier Wall Plate
£11.55  -  £13.09
In Stock
Post & Rope A4/A3 Sign Holder | Post Not Included
£30.03  -  £50.05
In Stock
12 Stanchion Horizontal Storage Cart
In Stock
18 Stanchion Horizontal Storage Cart
In Stock
21 Stanchion Horizontal Storage Cart
In Stock
18 Stanchion Vertical Storage Cart
In Stock

Page 1 of 1:    19 Items

Great prices and quantity discounts on all our Post & Rope Barriers

The Elegance range of traditional Post and Rope Barriers is a premium product line manufactured from heavy gauge steel with solid cast iron bases to provide years of good service. Polished finishes are buffed for a mirror look and satin finishes are turned for a smooth even effect.  

Ropes & Accessories

Our ropes are made with heavy duty cotton core, weatherproof twisted polypropylene or tightly woven braids all of which provide a smooth contoured elegant drape to your rope and post barrier installation. Covers from rich Naugahyde or plush velour are also available in a range of popular colours and sizes and rope ends can be colour matched with the post colour in a variety of finishes.

Beautiful Rope Barrier Solutions

When people look to buy Rope and Post Barriers they typically hope to convey a very specific message to their customers. We all associate rope barriers with high-level celebrity functions such as award ceremonies and other red carpet gala events.  And for that reason our velour ropes are the most popular in our range. What ever colour and material combination you decide on, the underlying reason for choosing a rope barrier solution over a retractable belt is that you are seeking to convey a sense of luxury and perhaps sophistication that only the classic rope barrier can bring.

Need help desiding on your Rope & Post Barrier Features?

There are several choices when it comes to selecting your rope barrier and to some the choice can seem overwhelming. Below are some useful tips to help you find the perfect barrier for your environment. We offer three basic type of post Finial. Finials being the topmost portion of the post. We supply three distinct styles for you to choose from. Each option is available in a range of colour finishes to provide just the look you are seeking.

We offer Ball, Crown and Flattop post options which all have a distinct look and feel to them. The most elegant is the Ball top with its polished orb siting atop the post. It's this style that is often seen at red carpet events. The Crown top is a very popular option too and is sometimes found at red carpet events, but is most commonly seen in hotels, casinos and high end night clubs. This round trapezoid shaped finial is the perfect middle ground between the elegant Ball top and more subtle Flat top. The Flat top post option has a modern contemporary styling, making it suitable for more ultra modern setting such as art galleries and car showrooms.

Types of Barrier Rope we offer

We supply an extensive range of rope styles in a variety of lengths and colours. Our premium ranges being of superior quality in respect of both beauty and durability.

Velour Barrier Ropes

This plush rope represents the absolute pinnacle of beauty and sophistication and is the type of rope found at top Hollywood red carpet events and in high end hotels and casinos. Manufactured from soft yet durable cotton core material these ropes are cloaked in a premium velour that gives a luxurious look and feel. The Velour Rope provides an even and elegant drape which helps to complete the desired look. All our ropes come with either a snap or hook end to make attaching them to the posts quick and easy.

Braided Barrier Ropes

Manufactured from Rayon and braided in an intricate pattern this particular rope is more commonly seen in banks, casinos, hotels and churches. Places that require a more classic look to the barrier. Available in a wide range of colour and size options this style of rope provides a good indoor alternative to twisted polypropylene ropes.

Barrier Rope Ends

When it comes to rope ends the first question to ask yourself is how often will you use the rope barrier. If you are expecting to set it up and leave it then our standard slide snap ends will be the perfect option for you. However, if you foresee that the rope will need to removed from the posts at frequent intervals then you might want to consider a rope with a hook end. 

Wall Plates

Sometimes you don't want to attach the rope end to a post, this is where the Wall Plate would be used. Regardless of the surface our wall plates can be attached firmly and will act as a strong connection point for all our range of rope ends.

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