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Standard Noticeboards

Shield Design Noticeboard

Standard Noticeboards both framed and unframed

Browse our extensive Open Noticeboard range where you will find many display solutions in a variety of size and colours and at prices to meet most budgets.  Wood or aluminium framed, cork or fabric pinboard, you're sure to find an Open Noticeboard in our range that will be perfect for you're display requirements. Many notice boards are held in stock and available for delivery the next working day.

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Shield Design Noticeboard
6 Frame Colours + 18 Fabric Colours
£47.00  -  £132.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
ColourPlus Frameless Noticeboard
6 Vibrant Loop Nylon Colours
£25.00  -  £72.00
In Stock
Scritto Economy Fabric Noticeboard
Blue & Grey Fabric Colours
£12.00  -  £85.00
In Stock
Economy Wood Framed Cork Noticeboard
Hardwood Frame in 3 Display Sizes
£10.95  -  £28.50
In Stock
Scritto Economy Cork Noticeboard
£11.29  -  £79.95
In Stock
Premium Felt Noticeboard
£19.00  -  £73.00
In Stock
Felt Frameless Noticeboard
£24.00  -  £75.00
In Stock
Resist-a-Flame Frameless Noticeboard
£24.00  -  £96.00
In Stock
Premium Aluminium Framed Cork Noticeboard
£19.00  -  £69.00
In Stock
Wood Framed Felt Noticeboard
Light Oak, Mahogany , Aluminium Effect Frames
£29.00  -  £93.00
In Stock
Dual Cork & Dry Wipe Aluminium Framed Noticeboard
£33.00  -  £94.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Felt/Dry Wipe Dual Noticeboard
5 Felt Colours + 3 Display sizes
£29.00  -  £83.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Light Oak Framed Noticeboard - Eco-Friendly
£39.00  -  £119.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Premium Wood Framed Noticeboard
Beech & Black Painted Frame Colours
£38.00  -  £94.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Light Oak Framed Dual Felt/Dry Wipe Noticeboard | Eco Friendly
£42.00  -  £99.00
In Stock
Light Oak Framed Dual Cork/Dry Wipe Noticeboard | Eco Friendly
£43.00  -  £89.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Shield Design Wood Effect Noticeboard
16 Loop Nylon Fabric Colours
£42.00  -  £112.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Resist-a-Flame Aluminium Framed Noticeboard
9 Fire Retardant Cloth Colours
£56.00  -  £185.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days

Page 1 of 1:    18 Items

A Noticeboard for every location

There are many different methods of displaying information within your work or community space and one of the most cost effective solutions is to install open noticeboards. White Light Display stock a vast range of open noticeboards that can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation and are available in a wide selection of size and colour finishes. Most supplied with through the board wall fixings for quick and easy mounting.

Standard Unframed Pinboard Noticeboards

Our range includes felt unframed pinnable notice boards which are both Velcro and pin friendly. We supply two  standard fabric types, our traditional coloured standard felt covered notice boards and our ColourPlus cloth range of vibrant colours which will bring to life any space.

Aluminium Framed Noticeboards

Browse our range of aluminium framed open noticeboards available in many size and colour combinations, which can be mounted internally in landscape or portrait orientation. Choose from cork or fabric pinboards in an array of fabric colours. Our Shield Colour Deluxe range has 6 frame colours and 18 vibrant fabric colours to choose from. Enabling you to design a notice board that matches perfectly your environment.  

Wood Framed Noticeboards

If you're looking for a more traditional look to your open noticeboard then look no further. Our ever popular range of wood framed noticeboards are almost entirely constructed from timber industry bi-products and recycled materials, allowing the eco-friendly aware organisation to meet its environmental standards. 

Eco-friendly Noticeboards

Our recycled open frameless noticeboard is manufactured from recycled news print and is available in six colours. They do not have a fabric covering which makes them perfect for an eco-friendly environment.

White Light Display offers a extensive range of open pinnable noticeboards. So browse our range today to find the board that's perfect for your internal area.

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