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Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers

We've got all your Retractable Barrier needs covered

Retractable barriers offer some of the most efficient ways to establish a perimeter where people can queue. Perhaps the biggest advantage that retractable safety barriers have over other systems of queue control is the flexibility they offer. If you want to adjust the perimeter where people are standing in line, you can simply change the position of the belt. Our retractable safety barriers are designed with durable materials to guarantee good service during crowd control. When using the barriers in high traffic areas such as malls, the belts can hold their own easily. Belt barriers are suitable for cafeterias, banks, lobbies, and airports, among other environments.

Our wall mounted retractable barriers are available in a variety of belt sizes and colours, with multiple mounting and belt end options. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements..

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WallMaster Wall Barrier - 2.3 / 4.6 Metres
£32.00  -  £45.00
In Stock
WallMaster Twin 350 Wall Barrier - 2.3 / 3 Metres
£59.00  -  £65.00
In Stock
WallPro 300 Wall Barrier - 2.3 / 3.0 / 3.9 Metres
£33.00  -  £38.00
In Stock
WallPro 450 Wall Barrier  - 6.1 / 7.6 / 9.1 Metres
£65.00  -  £95.00
In Stock
Recessed WallPro Cavity Barrier - 2.3 / 4.6 Metres
£42.00  -  £59.00
In Stock
Beltrac ML Wall Barrier - 2.3 / 3.7 Metres
£59.00  -  £79.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Beltrac XL Wall Barrier - 5.4 Metres
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Beltrac XXL Wall Barrier - 12 Metres
Delivery 7 - 10 Working Days
Beltrac XXXL Wall Barrier - 22 Metres
Delivery 7 - 10 Working Days
Beltrac ML Recessed Wall Barrier - 2.3 / 3.7 Metres
£139.00  -  £179.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Additional Wall Receptacle
In Stock

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

Wall Mounted Retractable Safety Barriers

One alternative that we offer customers is the wall-mounted retractable safety barrier. The device is designed to attach to a wall where the barrier belt will stretch from. Mounting options differ to cater to various safety barrier requirements. The belt ends also vary from the standard version to magnetic. A wall-mounted barrier can be flush, recessed or styled for double belts. The style choice will depend on your specific requirements. Wall-mounted retractable barriers come in handy when using belts with text, for example, when cordoning off a hazardous area.

Belt Barriers for varied uses

When trying to keep a group of people in control, you need the most effective tools to ensure their safety. From wall-mounted to post belt barriers, we offer a range of crowd control measures that will apply in many applications. Retractable belts allow you to give temporary access without having to move the whole stanchion. Whether it’s controlling queues outside your club, maintaining order in a hotel lobby or keeping crowds in check at a public event, retractable barriers are worthy investments. The mounting options, size of the belt, and colour are some considerations when buying retractable safety barriers. Improve movements in your business premises or events with quality retractable safety barriers from White Light Display.

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