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Mobile Whiteboards

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Magnetic Reusable Whiteboard Notes (Pack of 40)
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard
£119.00  -  £209.00
Delivery 3 - 5 Working Days
Revolving Mobile Whiteboard
£136.00  -  £284.00
Delivery 3 - 5 Working Days
WriteOn Revolving Mobile Whiteboard
£164.00  -  £267.00
Delivery 3 - 5 Working Days
Mobile Pivoting Whiteboard
£213.00  -  £329.00
Delivery 7 - 10 Working Days
360 Degree Revolve & Pivot Mobile Whiteboard
£198.00  -  £297.00
Delivery 3 - 5 Working Days
Height Adjustable Mobile Whiteboard
£185.00  -  £234.00
Delivery 10 - 15 Working Days
Double Sided Mobile Whiteboard/Felt Noticeboard
£115.00  -  £129.00
In Stock
Mobile Flip Chart Noticeboard Combi
£169.00  -  £235.00
Delivery 7 - 10 Working Days
Mobile Dual Felt & Dry Wipe Noticeboard
£138.00  -  £189.00
Delivery 7 - 10 Working Days
Little Rainbows Junior Mobile Whiteboard
£123.00  -  £215.00
Delivery 3 - 5 Working Days
Shield Drywipe Foyer Board
£153.00  -  £168.00
Delivery 10 - 15 Working Days
Mobile Rollerboard Whiteboard
£482.00  -  £579.00
Delivery 7 - 10 Working Days
Rotating 3  Sided Magnetic Whiteboard
Delivery 7 - 10 Working Days
Freestanding Whiteboard Signs
£109.00  -  £357.00
In Stock
Magnetic Document Holder (Pack of 5) - A5 /A4 / A3
£14.00  -  £36.00
In Stock

Page 1 of 1:    18 Items

Mobile Whiteboards

Mobile Whiteboards ideal for training, educational and reception areas

Our Mobile, Revolving and Freestanding Whiteboards are ideal for use as teaching and training aids. Mostly double sided, they offer an ideal solution where you need to move your whiteboard to different locations in the room or facility - adding a solution of convenience, wherever used these Whiteboards will add an air of professionalism to your environment. A great choice for hospitality, corporate and educational sectors.

About our Mobile Whiteboards

Our Mobile Whiteboards offer an ideal solution for teaching, training and demonstrating information within both the educational and corporate Sectors. We offer a wide range of magnetic and non-magnetic Mobile Whiteboards in a large variety of sizes and designs, were confident that you'll find the ideal fit for your environment.

Most of our Mobile Whiteboards are also revolving whiteboards. This means that the whiteboard surface is available in both horizontal and vertical rotations, where as our mobile boards are height adjustable and can display the whiteboard in either landscape or portrait orientation, providing a variety of practical uses.

Double sided display and adjustable angles

Our revolving and Mobile Whiteboards are on the whole double sided to allow both sides of the board to be displayed depending on the subject you're presenting. These revolving whiteboards can be tilted or angled towards your audience or for presentation of notes. Most include an integral pen tray.

Both our WritOn Revolving Whiteboards and WriteOn Angled Mobile Whiteboard units are available with laminate non-magnetic and steel coated magnetic writing surfaces. Our foyer whiteboards are ideal for displaying multiple types of information in receptions, restaurants, leisure clubs and hotels. The 45 degree angle ensures your message is displayed in an easy manner for people to see. Our contemporary designed Shield Design Foyer Whiteboard is available in a choice of 5 aluminium frame colours designed to match your decor perfectly.

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