1/ Online by credit or debit card

You can place an order online using a credit or debit card. We accept all major credit and debit cards and all transactions are processed safely via the Secure Trading gateway.

Prior to entering your card details, you will be transferred to the Secure Trading web site. Please note that URL of the landing page will begin with https:// - this means that the page is hosted on a secure server and all transactions taking place are encrypted protecting your card details.

Secure Trading's online payment system is the most sophisticated available. All financial transactions are processed securely behind protected firewalls, allowing them to safely process your card payment with the bank. Financial details are never left uncrypted during any part of the order process and are never sent by internet email.

Visit Secure Trading web site:

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2/ Online by PayPal

Make a payment securely via PayPal in just a few simple clicks (no PayPal account required). Simply select the PayPal option at checkout.


3/ Bank transfer or cheque

Please note that your order will only be processed once funds have cleared our account.  If ordering online, at stage 2 of 3 in the checkout process, please select "Bank Transfer / Cheque" as your preferred payment method. 

Bank details for domestic payments
Account Number
- 51281666  Sort Code - 40 18 43

Bank details for international payments only
International Bank Account Number: GB58HBUK40184351281666     Branch Identifier Code: HBUKGB4127J

Cheques should be made payable to White Light Products Ltd and sent to the following address: 
Accounts Team, White Light Products Limited, White Light House, PO Box 6124, Coventry, CV4 0GR 


4/ 30 Day Credit Account

An automatic 30 day credit account is available for registered charities, GP's, UK based Schools, Universities, Education, Health and Local Authorities. At stage 2 of 3 in the checkout process, select the "30 Day Credit Account" option as your preferred payment method. 

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