We ship to the EU and beyond

We Ship to the EU and Beyond

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Automatic Credit Terms for the Public Sector

Instant No Fuss Credit Account for the Public Sector

For Schools, Colleges, Universities, NHS, Local Authorities,
Parish Councils, Charities, etc.

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Quality built Noticeboards available from stock or bespoke manufactured to your exact requirements

All our Noticeboards are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We stock an extensive range of high  quality notice boards suitable for a variety of environments, ideal for displaying posters, public notices, photographs and other key visual information. Our noticeboards are popular for displaying information in schools, hospitals, local authorities, charities and the corporate sector and include boards suitable for internal and external use. 

Bespoke Noticeboards

Many of our Noticeboards can be bespoke manufactured to your exact requirements. So if you can't find what you're looking for why compromise, contact us for a bespoke quotation today. Our boards can be tailored to your required size, colour and design needs. Just contact our knowledgeable team and we'll do our best to match you up with a noticeboard that's perfect for your environment.

Noticeboards, Pin Boards and Cork Boards

We stock a large and ever growing range of premium quality noticeboards in a large variety of pin board and magnetic surfaces and rage of sizes and styles.

We supply both internal and external noticeboards, which can be wall, fence or post mounted. Our external noticeboard range are fully weatherproofed with most IP55 and IP56 ingress rated to cope with the harshest British winters. All noticeboards are protected by a manufacturers warranty, which in the case of our best selling Cyclone External Noticeboard is extended to five years as a mark of its excellent build quality.

Our noticeboards can be used to display information in schools, universities, hospitals, local authorities, charities and even around the home. Our range features both open and lockable tamperproof pinboards designed to protect the displayed information from casual interference.

Noticeboards with a Contemporary Design

All our aluminium framed noticeboards have rounded safety corners and concealed corner fixings for a neat professional and safe finish. They also have contemporary designs that will blend in with most room decors.

Our unframed and aluminium framed boards are available as Resist-a-Flame models that are independently tested to ensure compliance with the latest public area building regulations for use in sensitive areas.

Eco-Friendly Noticeboards

Also an increasingly popular choice is our Eco-Friendly range of noticeboards made from timber industry bi-products.

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