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Wall Mounted Whiteboards

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Magnetic Steel Whiteboard - Rounded Safety Corners
£21.00  -  £145.00
In Stock
Premium Vitreous Enamel Magnetic Whiteboard - Rounded Safety Corners
£87.00  -  £305.00
Delivery 3 - 5 Working Days
Magnetic Reusable Whiteboard Notes (Pack of 40)
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Premium Glass Magnetic Whiteboard
£95.00  -  £136.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Double Sided Whiteboard
£27.00  -  £137.00
In Stock
Superior Magnetic Coated Steel Whiteboard
£26.00  -  £112.00
In Stock
Magnetic Vitreous Enamel Steel Whiteboard
£46.00  -  £418.00
In Stock
WriteOn Glass Magnetic Whiteboard
£63.00  -  £436.00
Delivery 3 - 5 Working Days
Whiteboard Wall | Continuous Whiteboard Wall
£45.00  -  £145.00
Delivery 10 - 15 Working Days
Large Coloured Glass Magnetic Writing Board
£155.00  -  £423.00
Delivery 10 - 15 Working Days
Custom Printed Coloured Glass Magnetic Writing Board
£207.00  -  £550.00
Delivery 15 - 20 Working Days
Coloured Edge Whiteboard
£45.00  -  £144.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Shield Coloured Frame Whiteboard
£40.00  -  £206.00
Delivery 10 - 15 Working Days
WriteOn Eco Friendly Dry Wipe Whiteboard with Coloured Frame
£41.00  -  £132.00
Delivery 4 - 7 Working Days
Space Saving Sliding Panel Whiteboard
£549.00  -  £556.00
Delivery 7 - 10 Working Days
Flat Frame Whiteboard
£52.00  -  £269.00
Delivery 10 - 15 Working Days
Magnetic Document Holder (Pack of 5) - A5 /A4 / A3
£14.00  -  £36.00
In Stock

Page 1 of 1:    21 Items

Wall Mounted Whiteboards

Great value Wall Mounted Whiteboards 

Our superb whiteboard range includes a wide selection of ultra smooth plain laminate and magnetic whiteboards, all suitable for use with dry marker pens sold here on our whiteboard accessories page. Wall mounted whiteboard sizes start from 450 x 600mm and increase in size all the way up to our new WriteOn Whiteboard Wall range with panel sizes of 12000 x 24000mm.

We've got it covered

Whether you're looking for a wall mounted or freestanding dry wipe whiteboard our range of whiteboard solutions is so varied that you're sure to find the one that's perfect for you.

We stock a large range of white boards that are ideal for business and educational use, with dry wipe surfaces that make adding and erasing information as simple as possible!

Our boards include framed as well as un-framed versions and are designed for both wall mounting or freestanding use. Our dry wipe surfaces include laminate, magnetic coated steel, vitreous enamel steel, glass and semi-matte projection whiteboards.

Dry wipe boards are a perfect solution for businesses in this eco friendly time saving paper costs and helping the environment.

Whiteboards for educational learning

It isn't just businesses that benefit from using our dry wipe whiteboards, as you would imagine they are perfect for educational and training environments also.  Children and adults alike all benefit from the interactive learning experience that a whiteboard provides and their use promotes a more spontaneous teaching approach empowering children and adults to be more creative by drafting ideas and immersing themselves in a brainstorming session.

A Whiteboard for every application

Our dry wipe boards and flipchart easels offer a versatile means to present thoughts and ideas and provide presentations, no matter what the environment. We offer styles and sizes to fit most rooms in your office or building and we're sure that you'll find a whiteboard that's right for you from our massive range of dry wipe boards and accessories.

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