A1 Landscape Framed LED Light Pocket Kit

A1 Landscape Framed LED Light Pocket Kit
A1 Landscape Framed LED Light Pocket KitA1 Landscape Framed LED Light Pocket KitA1 Landscape Framed LED Light Pocket KitA1 Landscape Framed LED Light Pocket KitA1 Landscape Framed LED Light Pocket KitA1 Landscape Framed LED Light Pocket Kit
Price:  £322.00(Exc. 20% VAT)(£386.40 Inc. VAT)

Code:  FM-A1L-1-WLD
Guarantee  1 Year

About the Product

  • Our framed LED light pocket cable display kits are an eye catching way to illuminate your window posters and graphics

  • Manufactured as standard with either a black or silver/grey 30 mm borders

  • Framed LED Light Pockets beautifully illuminate your graphics while at the same time making a positive statement with their stylish borders

  • Double sided display as standard

  • Sold here in kit form with all the components required to create a stunning window display

  • Kit comprises 1 x A1 landscape framed LED light pocket, single panel connectors, transformer with 3 pin plug, isolators & power connectors, plus 2 x 4m long 1.5mm steel hanging cables and pocket supports

  • Supplied as standard with floor to ceiling cable connectors. Other cable connector kits are available

  • All LED panels fitted with bottom hinged magnetic outer pockets. Simply pull open the pocket, insert the graphic and release

  • For best results we recommend you print your graphics on Lite Film (sold here)

  • Edge lit glow that creates interest and draws attention from a distance to your display

  • LED Light pockets provide an even distribution of light across your graphics, eliminating any shadowing

  • Our LED Light Pockets are “low to no maintenance” and have an impressive life expectancy of 40,000 to 60,000 hours

Installation service

Why not let our friendly and experienced installation team deliver and fit your LED Light Pocket display. Contact us for a quotation today. All you need to do is supply us with an electrical spur or 3 pin socket and we will do the rest.

Download Assembly Instructions PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

How close should the LED Panels be installed from the window?

  • Panels should be installed far enough away from the glazing to enable graphics to be easily changed (minimum 300mm) 

One of my LED Light Pockets keeps flickering on and off or will not come on at all, what do I do?

  • If your LED Light Pocket flickers, it is normally a sign of a weak connection. Firstly, check that the two brass metal connection strips are under each grub screw on the bottom fittings.

  • If not, adjust them accordingly and tighten the grub screw on the bottom fittings.

  • If the LED Light Pocket will not come on check that it has been installed the correct way around. Look for the positive (+) and negative (-) stickers on the fittings, they should all be facing you.  The positive (+) sticker should always be on the right and negative (-) on the left.

  • If only one LED Light Pocket is not working, it could be a technical fault with the panel. In this case contact us directly.

The whole column of my LED Light Pocket kit is flickering or will not turn on, what do I do?

  • If a whole column of LED Light Panels flickers or will not turn on it is usually because of the transformer. The first thing to do is check that power is reaching the transformer, this is easy to do. Simply see if the small red light on the transformer is on.

  • If not, check that the fuse in the plug is in working order.

  • If the light is on check that the transformer connections are securely fitted onto the cables. If the red light on the transformer does not come on after all the above checks, it is possible that it is faulty. In this case contact us directly.

Guidelines for Electricians

LED Light Pockets can be connected to 13-amp sockets or to an electrical spur.

Before installation, check the total amps required. Eg. A display that consists of 3 x A4 pockets and will be supplied with a power pack with a 2-amp loading allowance. Your window display may have 4 of these kits which means you will need to allow for 4 power packs, each with a 3-pin plug (supplied).

Installation to metal window frames

Please be aware that if you intend installing your LED Light Pocket kit into a metal window frame you will need to install isolators for your cables/rods both top and bottom. Contact us for more information.

Electrical supply requirements

Please note that when multiple displays are installed you will need to allow for up to 80 - 100 amp in-rush current for up to 100us. We therefore recommend that a C or D type anti surge breaker is used in the fuse board when groups of supplies are switched on manually or automatically by a timeclock.

It is the electrician's responsibility to ensure that suitable provision is provided when units are switched on.

We do not recommend connecting your LED Light Pocket display to the lighting circuit.

Estimated Delivery Lead-time

Special Order Item: 7 - 10 Working days.

Need it Sooner?

We can often ship products faster than published lead-times. Contact us for our very best lead-time.

A1 Landscape Framed LED Light Pocket Kit - Two High on Cables
Delivery 7 - 10 Working Days
A1 Portrait Framed LED Light Pocket Kit - Two High on Cables
Delivery 7 - 10 Working Days
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